Editor-in-chief: Zahid Zakir, CTPA (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Editor on general and particle physics: vacancy

Editor on gravitation, astrophysics and cosmology: vacancy

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Address: 11а, Sayram Str., Tashkent, 100170, Uzbekistan.

E-mail: tpac@theor-phys.org; Web: http://tpac.theor-phys.org

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Copyright and terms of service

The journal Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (TPAC) implies use of materials of a website of the journal that the user has read and agrees with the following terms of service.

All original materials published on the present website belong to Centre Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (CTPA), (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), are protected by the copyright of Republic Uzbekistan and the international conventions to which the Republic Uzbekistan is joined.

Original materials of TPAC website cannot be used directly or implicitly for:

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The reproduction and reprint of materials of a website and the journal requires a written resolution from journal administration.

Contributors, teachers and students in the individual order can use the materials of the site for noncommercial use in the research and teaching activity.

Editorial policy

The journal is intended for the publication of scientific, methodological and popular papers in the area of fundamental theoretical problems of physics of particles, astrophysics and a cosmology, and the related to them disciplines, obeying to criterion of scientific character accepted in natural sciences.

It, as a rule, papers featuring real-life objects and appearances and leaning on well checked up by experiments and observations the facts and theories, and also extending them only in that way which is required by interior logic of the checked up theories or necessity of their coincidence with results of observations and experiments.

Papers based on arbitrarily introducing hypotheses (spaces, objects, fields, forms of energy, symmetries, etc.), not following from necessity of the gadget of well checked up theories to new requirements are introduced or from the known experimental facts, will be referred to purely hypothetical or especially mathematical ones. They can be considered and published only as exception and only in the absence of more realistic alternatives.

Editors are aimed to adhere to those standards of the publication of scientific, methodological and popular papers which promote speed of delivering to readers of new ideas and results, objectivity at selecting of papers and various assistance to authors at preparing of appropriate versions of their submissions.

Publication of the accepted papers from submission before the publication is 10 – 30 days.

Peer reviewing

Submitted papers are subjected to the peer reviewing before the publication and to open commenting on the site of the journal after the publication with 1-2 reviewers. At disagreement with their judgement the author can require sending to 1-2 more reviewers. Exclusion will done only for papers of editors of the journal which are subject only to open discussion at seminars CTPA.

Editors will accept any comments on papers and will send them to authors (at desire of the author of comment without indicating his name). Comments of registered users will openly published on the site, from their consent and only if they adhere to ethical norms of scientific discussions.

Issues of the journal within a year will be published mainly in electronic form and by results of open discussions authors can make corrections which will be indicated separately. The corrected version of paper will appear in the printing version of the volume published at end of year.


The royalties of order from 20 % to 50 % from incomes of sale of their papers for the quarter (depending on the taxation of their country) will paid to authors of papers.

DOI international Code for publications publications of the journal

Since September 28, 2012  Centre for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (CTPA, Tashkent, Uzbekistan) is a member of PILA – The Publishers International Linkage Association, registering DOI international standard code for digital objects.

The official DOI code prefix for CTPA is 10.9751

For any publication the publisher can freely define its interior suffix after DOI code prefix. For the journals published by CTPA as journal’s code are accepted:

10.9751/TPAC. and 10.9751/TFAK.

with inserting after the point an interior code of a publication in this journal.

For an interior code of the publication in CTPA is accepted following system:

(a publication day). (an order number of publication)

As a day of publication is accepted a number of days from 01/01/2001, i.e. number of days of current century (and millenium). As a result, DOI codes for the first paper in English and Russian issues of the journal look like

10.9751/TPAC.2091.001 and 10.9751/TFAK.2091.001

since the day of publication 09/22/2006 corresponds to 2091-th day of the century.

Since 2009 the journal’s issues are published in dates, multiple to 100 days, since the date 03/19/2009, corresponded to 3000-th day of the century (4000-th day has occurred at 12/14/2011).

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