Publisher, licencies and registrations

The publisher of the journal ”Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology” (TPAC) is Centre of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

The journal is registered by Agency on Press and Information of Republic of Uzbekistan №497 (2006) and 0256 (5/4/2007) and is published since 2006 in Russian and English languages in printing and electronic formats.

ISSN registration indices of TPAC (2006):

ISSN 1819-9135, ISSN-L 1819-9135 (regular print)
ISSN 1991-3915, ISSN-L 1819-9135 (computer remote)

Specialization and sections

Periodicity 2 – 12 issues in year (last years every 100 days) collecting in one yearly volumes.

The journal publishes scientific papers on subject areas:

·    particles and fields,
·    astrophysics,
·    cosmology.

Depending on content papers will be grouped to sections:

·    research,
·    educational,
·    popular,
·    methodological and history of science.

Papers having character:

·    original,
·    review,
·    discussion,
·    corrections and additions,

will be grouped in corresponding subsections.

Information about:

·   publisher,
·   issues,
·   contact information,
·   copyrights,
·   terms of service,

and also

·   editors,
·   editorial policy,
·   peer reviewing,
·   publication time,
·   author’s royalties,

is given on Editorial and For authors pages.


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