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The theory of stochastic space-time.

2. Quantum theory of relativity[1]

Zahid Zakir [2]


      Nelson’s stochastic mechanics is derived as a consequence of the basic physical principles such as the principle of relativity of observations and the invariance of the action quantum. The unitary group of quantum mechanics is represented as the transformations of the systems of perturbing devices. It is argued that the physical spacetime has a stochastic nature and that quantum mechanics in Nelson’s formulation correctly describes this stochasticity.

PACS: 04.20.Cv, 03.65.Ta, 05.40.Jc, 04.62.+v

Key words: stochastic mechanics, quantum fluctuations, measurements

Vol. 4, No 2,  p. 10 – 16, v1,   5 October 2009
Online: TPAC: 3200-014 v2,  28 September 2012; DOI: 10.9751/TPAC.3200-014

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[1] The preprint of the paper has been presented in 1999:  Zakir Z. arXiv:hep-th/99010139.

[2] Centre for Theoretical Physics and Astrophyics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan